I am a news junkie from local to global I feel it is my duty to be informed. From watching LIVE news coverage on YouTube to BBC radio while I am commuting, I know what is happening throughout the world. I consume so much news content to the point where it may impact my mental health. Last night, watching Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness navigate his hell and powder house – Jamaica’s Covid-19 response – I tuned out after an hour or so. I stopped watching and I realized why thousands of Jamaicans ignore news and current affairs news coverage, because it is tiring, depressing and makes one feel hopeless.

In the midst of all the bad news, of Government not uniting on its Covid-19 response, Jamaica returning to the International Monetary Fund, which made me shed a few tears, there are good news. Yes! We should all commend Peter Bunting, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester on leading the Good Neighbour Project. What great leadership it is to offer hope, care and love to others during a time when some of us are forced to think about ourselves. There is an initiative that seeks to consider the plight of the vulnerable among us.

Now more than ever, we need a helping hand or a phone call. Many Jamaicans have been struggling to make ends meet and will suffer even greater during a pandemic. And, it is not only the destitute among us. Freelancers, contract workers, full-time workers, day workers and other Jamaicans will be impacted negatively.

Here comes Peter Bunting and the Good Neighbour Project.

WATCH Bunting explain Good Neighbour.

It would be great to see the Government of Jamaica adopt the Good Neighbour Project across the island. Leaders around the world are now grappling with one question, ‘how do we respond?’ This is a wonderful initiative to reach the vulnerable who will need a phone call, medication and food supplies. As the World Health Organization and our own Ministry of Health and Wellness stress the importance of social/physical distancing to flatten the curve, this project underscores the message of “Tan a Yu Yard,” with a team looking out for your best interest.

Bunting and Leadership

The Central Manchester Member of Parliament, known for his insightful proposals on his feet in Parliament is considered by many to be a perspicacious leader. Peter Bunting has posited to the Government to extend the shopping hours for Jamaicans impacted by the St. Catherine lockdown. Also, another bold proposition by Bunting to the Holness administration is to name a team to address what Jamaica will look like post-Covid-19. The videos showing the Good Neighbour project in action emphasizes the effectiveness of the project and what good leadership is during a pandemic that appears to be entering the community spread phase in jamaica. We need all hands on deck.

Issa Boom Challenge

All in a pandemic yu haffi dance. Look out for your neighbour and more than ever be a Good Neighbour.

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