As Jamaicans grapple with the realities of a pandemic, the reality of a new normal is beginning to take effect. The new lockdown of St. Catherine is another grim reminder how drastic life can change. Daily Veritas is reviewing the Internet to bring you the latest information. Here are 5 images that reflect life with Covid-19 impacting 125 Jamaicans.

1 Consumers are Paying More

While thousands of Jamaicans are out of work, many retailers are hiking the prices of many products used to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Throughout Jamaica’s history and gaining independence in 1962, there was no law preventing price increases. Until now, Member of Parliament, Floyd Green led a new resolution on March 31 to prevent recent cases of price hikes stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

“It is very important that the reports are made. You should submit receipts along with the reports so we can use this as evidence for the basis for us to proceed.”

State Minister for Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green

2 Innovative Ways to Prevent Covid-19

What N95 mask? Jamaicans are resorting to innovative ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which causes Covid-19. Ridiculous as they inventions may appear, Jamaicans are taking the spread seriously.

3 There is little Social Distancing Taking Place

As Jamaicans prepare for longer lockdown with reduced capacity to spend there are many Jamaicans rushing to buy the necessities of life. From my own recent supermarket trips, the trolleys are stacked to the top which will result in a shortage in some parts of the island as some communities enter lockdown phase.

4 Frustration is High because of the long wait

Please be patient during this time. Wear a mask and be prepared to social distance.

5 Are Jamaicans Prepared?

This is worrying as this goes against the purpose of a lockdown. Many Jamaicans must venture out to ensure their families are safe and remain fed. This pandemic is highlighting the gross inequality of life in Jamaica. Will we return to the old normal? We should not.